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Our philosophy is to make the program as affordable as possible and our mission is to “Unleash the Power in YOU”



Monthly Partner

Angie Boyd

I have witnessed the remarkable impact Discovery has had in the lives of my family and friends. I believe in this program and want to help reach as many people as possible.  The world deserves Discovery!

what our financial partners have to say

Adalia & Troy Dudley

The Discovery program touched our lives in such a way that has freed us from limitations within ourselves as to cast away life's entanglements and the profound peace that has followed.  What a grand world it would be if everywhere we surveyed someone was touched by Discovery.  What kind of world would that be?  Well, we want to find out and so support such a worthy endeavor named Discovery.

Danna and Neal

The reason we donate to Discovery is because it is the most powerful catalyst for personal discovery and growth that I have ever experienced, which is the same reason I volunteer regularly.  The transformations that take place within those walls are an honor to behold, and EVERYONE deserves the blessing of Discovery!

Lora Snyder

I have believed in this program since Feb 2009!  It changed my life and I have since been a witness to watching other’s lives be changed as well. I love that people can be set free from their past and look forward to their future- sometimes for the first time!  

Alan & Teresa

Teresa and I were broken, individually and together - on the verge of divorce - and the Discovery program showed us how to forgive ourselves and each other. We no longer allow our past to define our future, and we live our life with purpose and passion. We chose to financially partner with Discovery because it gave us so much, and we want others to have the same opportunity to experience true freedom and joy.

Lynn & Craig

Craig & I got so many tools for our relationship and always trying to come back to our hearts. All the TA’S loving & giving back from their hearts. Pathways was amazing & then comes along Discovery!

We love their mission, their passion, and all their hard work. Helping & Giving back to others is the key & Craig & I 

Realized “what a feeling that is” We try to use the tools we were given in our daily lives.


Mike & Lynn

As to why we support Discovery, its pretty simple. This program dramatically changed our lives. We are honored to partner with Discovery to pay that forward in any and every way we can.