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Business is about working with people and D! is all about people. The more you get to know yourself, the more successful you'll be at making decisions, knowing your priorities, set boundaries and be better at business.


Discovery takes a different approach when it comes to helping you be more successful at your work. We believe for someone to really succeed externally, we first must be successful with ourselves. Over the decades we have seen people from all walks of life gain the courage, stretch, self-awareness, confidence, perspective or even gain better clarity of their priorities which has helped shape how they show up at work. During the course of our 3-day personal development retreat, you will discover yourself at a deeper level (See testimonials) which in return it will give you better clarity and vision.

Value proposition

  1. We give you the opportunity to Identify obstacles preventing you from getting what you want

  2. Explore what previous experiences might be playing a role from you living your life at fullest

  3. Gain communication tools for how to authentically communicate with others

  4. Work with someone on one and explore how to remove those obstacles

  5. Identify what negative behaviors others might see in you

  6. Explore how to be your real authentic self at work

  7. Gain tools for how to gain your voice at work

  8. Gain a better perspective of your core values

  9. Come with a purpose statement to help you remind yourself of what's important to you

  10. Gain the courage, vision and purpose so you can take that next step


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