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Connector Instructions

Your support is an important ingredient in their journey. We ask that you please provide us your (4) letters/cards with their first and last name printed on the envelopes along with when the card will be given (see below). If you cannot physically deliver these to the conference center, then please provide the content for these letters in the Connector’s Questionnaire and we will print or write them for you.


Connector Letters

Friday evening (Fri P.M.)

Words of encouragement after a very long day.


Saturday morning (Sat A.M.)

Build their courage for a big day ahead. Words like Play hard! Don’t hold back; etc.


Saturday evening (Sat P.M.)

Before dinner and party – Congratulate them for claiming their path; encourage them to have fun at tonight’s party; dance like no one’s watching; etc.


Sunday morning (Sun A.M.)

Welcome them to “Stretch Day”, a day of celebration; thank them for trusting you.


Weekend Schedule


9:15 A.M. Registration begins

9:55 A.M. Clap-in – Hope you can make it! 

10:00 A.M. D1 Base Camp Journey begins. 



8:30 P.M. Party Begins! You are welcome to attend unless you think that doing so would detract from their weekend’s experience.

Party theme is: <theme>


Program Location

TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) is located at

3100 Alvin Devane Blvd building B, Austin, TX 78741.

Please park in Discovery designated areas only


We thank you for your trust and energy to make a difference.

Discovery is a gift that everyone deserves. We encourage you to continue supporting them as they claim their path through all the core training: D1 Base Camp, D2 Ascent and D3 Summit.


Remind them that their Discovery journey is not complete until they graduate from D3 Summit. And we hope you can make the "Graduation" Turnaround which happens at your Explorer's D3 Graduation... when they circle up to state their Purposes inside the circle, sneak around and stand behind them so that after they state their Purpose, the first face they will see is YOURS... the person or people who loved them enough to connect them to Discovery!


Your Discovery Team

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