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 The challenges we face and the troubles we’ve walked through can define the course of our lives. These moments can leave emotional scars that become obstacles to the life we long for.


 D1, the first of the three core programs, allows participants to explore how difficult experiences impact their lives. Over the course of the weekend participants will challenge themselves to overcome anger, guilt, fear, and shame and step into a place of greater peace. 


 Money Back Guarantee

We’re willing to take all the risk out of your decision to attend. If upon completion of D1 Freedom you are not completely satisfied, 

we will refund 100% of the program fee you paid.


This offer is valid through midnight of the Sunday you complete D1 Freedom. Please either let one of our representatives know before you leave the event center or email us at before Sunday midnight. 

Meet your D1 Facilitators

Bob Posey

Bob graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio with a business degree and later earned his CPA license. He is currently the President of Orbix Corporation, focusing on strategic acquisitions. Bob is married and has two grown children. He enjoys golf and hiking in his free time. Bob has been a volunteer with Discovery for more than ten years.

Mike Reeder

Michael Reeder has been an entrepreneur with his focus on oil and gas exploration and tech start-ups since 1999. He went through the Discovery training in 1998 and has served as a volunteer for more than 12 years. Michael enjoys team and water sports and holds a black belt in the martial art of Aikido. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University and has attended the MBA program at St. Edwards University in Austin Texas.

Cinda Brooks

Cinda Brooks grew up in East Africa, she combined her career as a registered nurse with law enforcement, retiring as a Lieutenant Instructor at the Game Warden Academy. Cinda enjoys traveling with her husband Stanley, outdoor sports, competing in the World Police Fire Games, writing, and is a published author. Her passion is to help people unleash the champion within. She earned her BS in nursing from Baylor and M.Ed in Kinesiology and Health Promotion from UT Austin. She has been a volunteer with Discovery for ten years.


D1 Freedom Schedule

Day One – Friday - IDENTIFY


The purpose of the day is to identify barriers that keep the trainee from living in the present. The day focuses on what is not working well in the trainee’s life. The day is long and emotionally challenging.


* Note all time frames below are estimates and actual intervals will vary.


Morning Session (10:00 – 12:45)

  • Program Introduction and program guidelines

  • Short Break

  • Begin to identify the behaviors, attitudes, choices, and defenses that undermine self-esteem and are obstacles in your life


Lunch Break (1 hour 15 minutes)


Afternoon Session (1:30 – 5:30 pm)

  • Explore for wounds, fears, or unmet needs that may have created barriers in your life

  • Explore the significance of the Mother/ Father/ Child Relationship

  • Gain insight into love and care for one’s self and for others


Dinner Break (90 minutes)


Evening Session (7:00 – 9:30 pm)

  • Give and receive feedback into behavior that is ineffective in life

  • Define the wounds, fears, and unmet needs that contribute to any anger, fear, guilt, and shame

  • Homework Assignment

Day Two – Saturday - BREAK THROUGH


The purpose of the full day is to break through the walls that keep the participant from living fully in the present. The day is emotionally intense.


Morning and Afternoon Sessions (9:00 – 7:30 pm with 45-minute lunch and short breaks throughout)


  • Focus on breaking through and removing barriers that prevent living life fully in the present, providing the opportunity to find hope, peace, forgiveness, and freedom.

  • Celebration and fun!


Dinner Break 1 hour 15 minute


Evening Session (8:30 – 10:00pm)

  • Join other program participants and alumni for a celebration and party

  • Homework assignment


Optional No-charge sessions (10:00-11:00pm)

  • Alumni After-Party or 

  • Discovery Recovery, for those that struggle with addiction or who deal with friends, family, coworkers etc. with addictions such as alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, pornography… 


Day Three – Sunday - CELEBRATION


The purpose of the day is to celebrate the freedom of living life fully.


Morning Session (8:00 – 11:00)

  • Large Group Sharing

  • Stepping and stretching outside of the comfort zone in a supportive and encouraging environment


Lunch Break 1 Hour


Afternoon Session (noon – 5:00 pm)

  • More tools for moving forward

  • Building support and leadership

  • Commitments and balance

  • Service walks to help others

  • Relationship Building

  • Program Evaluation

  • Question and Answers

  • Self-worth Building

  • Final Ceremonies