D1 - $395

- Transparent about the true value/cost of the program 

- Due to our Financial Partners, we are able to offer Discounts

- It gives the impression of greater value

- It allows us the flexibility to offer discounts and promotions all year long

- It allows us to offer discounts to potential connecting partners

- It gives us the option to have a fixed number of discounts for military or other causes

- Gives us the option to offer discounts during special seasons (Black Friday / December / Fall...)

D1-2 - $295

- Take $100 off when trainees sign up within the first week of finishing D1

- Trainees for anyone completing D1 can connect one with personalizing promo for 50%off - Drodriguez57

D2-3 - $295

- Take $100 off when they sign (1 week)

IGNITE - $95

- One free pass for anyone that completes D3

- Increases add it value

- Offer 50% off or Free when discount promotions to our alumni (Strategic timeframes)

Relationship - $495

- $100 off coupon for every graduating trainee valid for 1-2 years

- Offer $50-150 off promotions