"You can break through whats is keeping you from living the life you deserve!"

Nobody’s life is ever completely perfect. Most of the time, we do not know where to go or what are we supposed to do in certain situations. In such times, it is important to hear from someone else that it is okay to feel lost.

There are different ways you can overcome the obstacles that life throws your way, Discovery! is designed to unleash the power you need.


Even the most difficult problem presents a solution once you learn to calm and focus your energy on overcoming it. This is the key to rise above daily challenges and start living your life with passion and purpose.


Our D1 Freedom Program is the first step to help you “ Break Through the Walls and Unleash The Power in You “. We help you explore your feelings and help you see how difficult experiences are impacting your life. The challenges we had faced may leave emotional scars that are blocking us from living our life to the fullest. The past can also impact our relationships with friends, family and loved ones. We can drag the burden of those negative experiences without even knowing or being aware of it.


IDENTIFY: During the first day, you will be able to “Identify the Barriers” that keep you from living in the present. Our products are delivered immediately

BREAK THROUGH: The second day is where we will be “Breaking through the walls”. What does that mean? Now that we have identified the barriers that keep you from what you want, it is time to explore those barriers and where it is possible to break beyond them.

​CELEBRATE!: The third day is “Time for Celebration!”. Now that you know what has held you back and where that barrier is weakest, you have the tools to solve your problem. We think it’s only appropriate to have a little fun as a result of all that work.

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Our program has limited seating - we host about 40 people per training in D1, so don’t hesitate and register today. Our program also includes a D1 workbook, D! Shirt and wristband, Pizza dinner Saturday night, Water, coffee stations, and snacks throughout the weekend!