January 21-23


Daily challenges, conflicts, and disappointments can steal peace, passion, and joy creating negative behaviors that prevent us from living life fully. 

In D2, the second of the three core programs, trainees explore ineffective behaviors and gain tools to overcome daily obstacles.




Amazing, just amazing!  I am so grateful. I cannot ever thank them enough for all their time, love, and concern that they give to us.

- Tammy

Meet your D2 Facilitators

Mike Erwin

Michael Erwin is a business consultant working with companies, individuals, non-profits and start-ups. He went through the Discovery training in 2010 and has served as a volunteer for more than 6 years. Mike enjoys boxing, volleyball, and spending time at the pool with his kids.  He and Lynn have been married for 22 years and have 3 daughters. The Erwins have lived in the Round Rock area for 15 years.

LisaBeth Thomas

LisaBeth “LB” Thomas is known for her creativity and successful advertising campaigns, as an award-winning producer, motivational speaker, and the Founder of Texas Women in Business. She was awarded “Woman of Influence” by the Austin Business Journal. Her LBTJ Ad Agency and Video Production Company produces award winning, creative, and strategic media. LB plies her passion for philanthropy by serving on the boards of several non-profit organizations. LB has been a Discovery volunteer since the program changed her life in 2013.

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith has worked in software technology for over 30 years.  He attended Discovery in 2014 and thinks about Discovery every day.  He has served as a volunteer at Discovery for four years and spends time volunteering for other organizations like CASA, Mobile Loaves, and Fishes, and the Lake Travis Community Library.  He enjoys cooking, hiking, home improvement projects, and tech gadgets.  His wife and he enjoy Town Lake and hanging with their adult children.

D2 Conquer Schedule

Day One - Friday - RECONNECT

The purpose of the day is to reconnect the class and to explore what is robbing peace from their lives. 



Friday Evening Session (6:00 PM to 10:30 PM)

  • Program introduction

  • Program guidelines

  • Review progress, challenges, and victories between D1:  Freedom and D2: Conquer

  • Explore and gain tools to address what robs peace from your life

  • Homework assignment

Day Two – Saturday - CHOICE


The purpose of the day is to explore the impact of  hidden fears and adversarial behavior. Trainees will gain tools as well as unleash the power of choice to respond to life events.



Saturday Morning Session (8:30 am to 12:00 PM)

  • Explore how fear fuels negative behaviors

  • Gain insight into adversarial behavior patterns


Lunch (90 Minutes)


Afternoon Session (1:30 to 6:00)

  • Continue insight into adversarial behavior patterns

  • Gain strategies and techniques to develop positive behavior patterns


Dinner Break (2 hours)


Evening Session (8:30 to 10:00 PM)

  • Join other program trainees and alumni for a celebration and party


Optional No-charge sessions (10:00-11:00pm)

  • Alumni After-Party or 

  • Discovery Recovery, for those that struggle with addiction or who deal with friends, family, coworkers etc. with addictions such as alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, pornography…

Day Three - Sunday - VOICE


The purpose of the day is to recognize the power of voice to resolve conflict, to build confidence, and to develop heart-felt communication techniques to strengthen relationships.


Morning Session (8:00 AM to 10:30 AM)

  • Large group connection

  • Gain critical and effective communication techniques for  tough situations.


Lunch Break (90 minutes)


Afternoon Session (12:00 PM to 5:00 PM)​

  • Self-worth and confidence building 

  • Team work and relationship building through celebration and fun

  • Final ceremonies