During these challenging times as individuals and families are isolated in their homes facing uncertainty, increasing activity bans, social distancing, and economic difficulties—We, the Discovery family, want to do our part to help turn a “Can’t into a Can”. “Can’t to Can” is a D2 tool using perspective, creativity, and teamwork to turn an impossible situation (Can’t) to possible (Can).

For a limited time during this time of social distancing, we offer a webpage where you can share how you can give or receive medicine among our alumni community. You may want to provide a service walk that can meet needs during these challenging times or promote your small business if it can be conducted in a manner that complies with public health authority regulations and recommendations.

Discovery is not endorsing any of these businesses or activities, just providing a space for us to help each other out.


Michael Wards

Founder & Executive Chef

We have ramped up our delivered weekly prepared meal services. We have begun offering a Date Night Delivered Dinner Package to spice things up. And, we have also opened up access to our wholesale purveyors, local farmers, local ranchers, and local artisans for our clients to include staple groceries (milk, eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables) with their meal deliveries.


Weekly prepared meal service

Date Night Delivered Dinner