During these challenging times as individuals and families are isolated in their homes facing uncertainty, increasing activity bans, social distancing, and economic difficulties—We, the Discovery family, want to do our part to help turn a “Can’t into a Can”. “Can’t to Can” is a D2 tool using perspective, creativity, and teamwork to turn an impossible situation (Can’t) to possible (Can).

For a limited time during this time of social distancing, we offer a webpage where you can share how you can give or receive medicine among our alumni community. You may want to provide a service walk that can meet needs during these challenging times or promote your small business if it can be conducted in a manner that complies with public health authority regulations and recommendations.

Discovery is not endorsing any of these businesses or activities, just providing a space for us to help each other out.

Michael Wards

Founder & Executive Chef

We have ramped up our delivered weekly prepared meal services. We have begun offering a Date Night Delivered Dinner Package to spice things up. And, we have also opened up access to our wholesale purveyors, local farmers, local ranchers, and local artisans for our clients to include staple groceries (milk, eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables) with their meal deliveries.


Weekly prepared meal service

Date Night Delivered Dinner


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    A Health and Happiness Company

    We use plant based supplements for the whole family to help with boosting immune systems, gut health, weight loss, and chemical free skin care. We can help with energy, mood, sleep, discomfort, inflammation, anxiety, blood sugars, stomach issues, slow metabolisms, skin challenges, and so much more!

  • Dr. Tenesha Wards

    Infinity Wellness Center 

    We are open to help people with muscular-skeletal ailments in order to get them out of pain and keep them out of the hospitals and clinics right now.   Also, we are doing tele-health appointments to help with anxiety, insomnia, and immune support.  

  • Neal Puckett

    Pond Springs Custom Pools

    Designer & Builder for 43 years

  • 512-658-0227

    Tricia Girma

    A# Studio (A sharp studio)

    Piano lessons for all ages and skill levels. I’ve been teaching since I was 15 years old and love to bring the joy of music to my students lives! I’m teaching virtually right now and it works just like a regular lesson! My students are excited to have a ton of practice time right now!

  • 512-940-1157

    Cinda Brooks

    Heartprints of Africa

    While practicing social distancing and quarantining in your armchair, adventure on a reading safari to Africa. I share my families story of faith, love, adventure and turmoil. Available from Amazon as an e-book or paperback.

  • 832-454-7700

    Wendy Blanco

    Adley Mae Creations

    " Adley Mae" offers unique farmhouse decor made with love and a purpose. I started "Adley Mae" as a means to give back to Discovery. I am donating 10% of each sale towards helping assist those who may not be able to afford this "life saving" experience.

  • 512-508-2860

    Pati Speed

    Medicare Insurance

    Answer any Medicare questions one may have by phone!

  • 5129718591

    Pacey Chynoweth

    Friendship and Medicine

    As an extrovert, I know how challenging it is to be isolated. Need someone to talk or video chat with... I'm here for you. "I got medicine!"

    Text before calling and we can remote connect

  • Charter Communications


    Gina Werner

    Business services internet, phone & tv

    I am the business manager for Spectrum. We provide businesses with telecommunication needs. During this time I can help with cost saving solutions and also help find savings if your already a spectrum customer. Let’s do an audit of what your spending or help you become remote work from home better

  • life and Health Insurance Advisor


    Lora Everist

    Health and Life Insurance

    I offer Health Insurance, but mainly want to advise people on the best way to use their health insurance- whatever it is and BEFORE people need to use it. Most people don’t understand copays and deductibles... in and out of network and how to not lose their insurance when they can’t pay for it. I’m here to be a health Sherpa and guide others.

  • Appliance problem

    If you are having an appliance problem, Let me help you diagnose and figure out if you can DIY, or if you need to replace. Message me or call me at Guaranteed Appliances, San Marcos.

  • Appliance problem

    If you are having an appliance problem, Let me help you diagnose and figure out if you can DIY, or if you need to replace. Message me or call me at Guaranteed Appliances, San Marcos.


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