Our philosophy is to make the program as affordable as possible and our mission is to “Unleash the Power in YOU”



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Adalia & Troy Dudley

The Discovery program touched our lives in such a way that has freed us from limitations within ourselves as to cast away life's entanglements and the profound peace that has followed.  What a grand world it would be if everywhere we surveyed someone was touched by Discovery.  What kind of world would that be?  Well, we want to find out and so support such a worthy endeavor named Discovery.

Andreas & Gloria Schultz

We believe Discovery is the best program that works at the very foundation of our society, the people. One by one we want to help create social-economic benefit through Discovery. This program has helped us in many ways, i.e. regaining our freedom, authentically connecting, communicating, and living a fulfilled life. We want to support financially to keep this program going and available for all.

Bob Posey

I partner financially with Discovery because the program has inspired me to give back. Discovery had a huge positive impact on my life and I want to share it, so the opportunity of more freedom, passion and joy in people will spread.

B&D Larson

Almost 10 years ago we sent our son Brent to D1. Over the next months he found such love and freedom through this wonderful program.  We were so glad to be able to make a donation today, and are so thankful for you! 

Bob Y

Unlike many of the self-help programs that are available, Discovery goes way beyond self-help. Self-help programs can help for a while but Discovery gives you the tools to take control of your past, present and future and empowers you to walk out of fear and into freedom. There is simply no better program than the Discovery Program and I will forever be grateful for the experiences, the friendships and the tools required to walk in Joy and freedom.

Brandie Rackler

I wanted to give to an organization that gave me life again!! I love Discovery and prayed about what God wanted me to do and this was the answer!!

Bryan S

There are many choices to support financially in this world. Supporting Discovery was an easy decision for me because I know that this investment in people is multiplied many times over.

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To make the program as affordable as possible, we need your financial support to make Discovery available to anyone. Program fees do not cover all costs

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If program fees were to fully fund our program we do not believe our mission would be open to all. 

 Over 2500 people have attended Discovery in Austin. They come from all walks of life…those that have a few bumps and bruises and those that have abused drugs and alcohol, struggled with suicidal thoughts, been sexually abused or have been bullied or ignored. Not heard. We ALL have wounds of some sort from life. When people…US…are wounded, neglected or our needs are unmet we may go down self-destructive paths and not live happy and productive lives.  


Discovery is ultimately about victory and celebrating life. Our experience is no matter how difficult the challenges they can be overcome for a life of freedom,  passion and purpose! 


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We hope you partner with us because you believe in what we do and you want to be a part of changing lives.  Please join us. We need you.


Please mail checks payable to:


Discovery Programs

PO Box 5787

Austin, TX  78763-5787

Your Discovery Team