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Thank you for your commitment to volunteer your time, energy and heart to the Discovery training for the role of Training Assistant (TA). Discovery training could not happen without you—you are the hands of Discovery. 


Phone Reports to Team Captain 

You are responsible for completing a brief online Small Group Report prior to calling your Captain at your agreed upon appointment time. You will not need to repeat everything on your report; this is an opportunity to touch base, stay connected as a team, and discuss additional issues or go in more depth about issues on the report. You may want to discuss any struggles you may be having as a leader and discuss your trainees commitments, service walks, struggles…


TA Team conference call number:

Call: (605) 475-4736

Enter Pin: 964145


TA Task Time Table 

You are responsible for encouraging, leading, and mentoring your Small Group through D1 to D2 and D3. Your Captain is your guide and leader. Your leadership through this journey is as important as your responsibilities in the training room. Your leadership will build the Training. Just be real, topics are suggested but it is not a checklist. LISTEN to them, let them know you care. Some will want to text, not phone, that is OK but TA’s and trainees should not hide behind texting instead of calling. Don’t push or confront—just let them know they matter and that you care. 

The following schedule are required TA responsibilities but timing may vary due to schedule conflicts. 

Monday or Tuesday each week call each of your Small Group Members, complete SG report by Tuesday in preparation for a team conference call or phone call with captain Wednesday evening or time designated by TC. 

Send a card with a message from your heart the first week following training. An optional additional card may be mailed midway. 


After D2: 

Calls may be weekly or every other week. Texts can fill in between. Just let them know you are here and you care. 

Send one card 

Follow TC’s lead on TA team connection. D3 will have combined classes, so some TA’s may not proceed to D3. 


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