Discovery is a program that guides you towards living the life you've always wanted, using a process based around answering straightforward questions. You’ll spend a weekend with a group of dedicated volunteers who’ve been through the process themselves, and who can mentor you through a system that teaches you to be in control of your journey through life, rather than letting life control you.

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Claiming a path forward starts with recognizing we’re all stuck, in one way or another—through unhealthy modes of thinking, poor relationship patterns, or destructive habits. During the three days of Base Camp, you’ll work with volunteers to reveal how these past patterns have become obstacles, preventing you from embarking on your own great adventure.

At Discovery, you’ll explore the barriers that prevent you from living the life you want; then, through a series of systematic exercises, you’ll remove those walls. Finally, you’ll learn skills to take with you, so you can move courageously forward on your new path.

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"Thank you for helping me release the anger I had been holding onto. I am leaving here today with new hope and an open heart."


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