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"Thank you for helping me release the anger I had been holding onto. I am leaving here today with new hope and an open heart." - Gloria


Base Camp, the first of Discovery’s three core programs, allows participants to explore how difficult experiences have impacted—and continue to impact—their lives.

Over the course of a weekend, participants will challenge themselves to overcome anger, guilt, fear, and shame—and claim a path toward greater peace. The challenges we’ve faced in the past can define the course of our lives. Painful events can create confining thought patterns, keeping us from the life we long for.

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Claiming a path forward starts with recognizing we’re all stuck, in one way or another—through unhealthy modes of thinking, poor relationship patterns, or destructive habits. During the three days of Base Camp, you’ll work with professionals to reveal how these past patterns have become obstacles, preventing you from embarking on your own great adventure.

Finally, you’ll learn skills to take with you, so you can continue breaking through barriers as you move courageously forward on your new path.

Through a series of systematic exercises, you'll remove those barriers.

You’ll explore the barriers that prevent you from living the life you want




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The cost for the weekend is a mere $435.

At Discovery, we work hard to keep our rates low—in fact, you’ll find that the cost of Discovery is much lower than similar programs. That’s because we’re not a money-making operation. We’re dedicated to helping as many people as we can. For more information on location and hotel options, click here.

Multiple Dates
In this weekend program, you’ll set yourself on the path toward living the life you’ve always wanted, using a process based around answering straightforward questions. Schedule Friday: 9:30AM - 9:30PM Saturday: 9AM - 10PM Sunday: 8AM - 5PM
May 31, 2024, 9:30 AM – Jun 02, 2024, 5:00 PM
3100 Alvin Devane Blvd building b, Austin, TX 78741, USA
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“Base Camp has renewed my trust in myself and in other people.”

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Meet your Base Camp Facilitators

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After exploring your past in Base Camp, you’re welcome to participate in D2: Ascent—a weekend program designed to help you further address difficulties in your daily life, allowing you to move forward on your path with clarity and resolve.

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