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Discovery's mission is to provide a space to take a look at what’s working in your life and to gain new tools to meet life’s challenges, so that you can live more fearlessly.

Core Values

We are Humble

At Discovery, we practice humility. That means we meet people where they are, without bringing our own agendas to the program. We don’t manipulate people, and we don’t advise taking any specific action. Instead, we create a safe place physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, allowing people to grow.


We Respect All People

We maintain appropriate boundaries—especially when it comes to client confidentiality—and we listen to feedback with open minds. We believe that all people are worthy, and we value the uniqueness inherent in every person. We’re honest yet courteous, and we respect and honor all faiths and spiritual beliefs.  We nurture a culture of trust, diversity, and open communication.


We Walk the Talk

In addition to facilitating the program, we live the training in our own lives. We hear and learn from each other, we’re not afraid to be vulnerable and emotionally real, and we ask questions and listen to the answers. We serve with a compassionate and humble spirit, and we value collaboration.

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