Our mission is to unleash the power in you. No matter your race, religion, past, or outlook, Discovery will help you address the issues you want to look at and enrich your life. Discovery is a safe place with no judgements and no agendas, for people to reflect on their life and chart a path ahead. Folks come to Discovery from every walk of life, some simply wanting more joy, peace, and direction and others at the end of their rope.  Discovery meets you where you are and helps you heal and gain tools to live in the present with passion and purpose.  


As we travel through life, we are hurt, hurt others, and lose our dreams. These wounds continue to impact our lives, self-esteem, and relationships. Wounded people wound… hurt people hurt… We can choose to allow the cycle to continue or we can break it–transforming our life and those around us. Discovery provides this place… a place of non-judgement, support, camaraderie and acceptance to find freedom, peace, joy, passion, and purpose.



Discovery has its beginnings in the 1980s with psychologists Joe McGraw, Thelma Box, and Phil McGraw. Finding that divorce rates in their family practice were no better than national rates, they developed a program that focused on individual healing and growth. Fred Lowder and Brett Stalcup adapted this program to provide a shorter and less expensive option. Discovery was born and continues to grow and impact lives.


Discovery Programs is a non-profit 501(c )3 organization, and is run primarily by alumni volunteers.




  • We meet people where they are and have no agendas

  • We do not manipulate or give advice toward taking any specific action

  • We create a safe place spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally

  • We respect and honor all faiths and spiritual beliefs



  • We are on time

  • We respect and honor client confidentiality

  • We value feedback to improve ourselves and the program

  • We maintain professional and appropriate boundaries



  • All people are worthy

  • We are honest

  • We are courteous

  • We value the uniqueness in all people



  • We live the training

  • We are vulnerable and emotionally real

  • We ask questions and listen

  • We serve with a compassionate and humble spirit



  • We value collaboration

  • We hear and learn from each other

  • We nurture a culture of trust, diversity and open communication

  • We build and encourage each other and the clients we serve

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

- Plato

D1 Facilitators

Bob Posey

Mike Reeder

Cinda Brooks

D3 Facilitators

Estrella Posey

Greg Phillips

Misti Seay

Stephanie Fitzgerald

Relationship Facilitators


Scott Fitzgerald

D2 Facilitators

LisaBeth Thomas

Bryan Smith

Mike Erwin

RE-Ignite Facilitators

Steve Honeycutt

Irma Plaza