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Foggy Campsite

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, but in looking with new eyes.” 

- Marcel Proust

Thinking Man on Couch

The journey of life is challenging. There are so many paths we can take—and often, the choices can be intimidating, even debilitating. Sometimes the forest is so thick that we can’t see a way through. We find ourselves thinking, if only there were some kind of map . . .

Sunrise over Mountains

Here’s the good news—there is a map. And Discovery can help you discover that map and find a way through the thicket of thoughts that hold you back, allowing you to move forward with confidence. Founded over twenty years ago in Texas, Discovery has helped thousands of people discover their path forward, using proven therapeutic methods.

Reading Map

Discovery is simply a process, and you can gain the tools to move forward with hope and confidence after only a weekend of work. We won’t be imparting any great wisdom; all we’ll do is ask questions to help you find your answers. You’ll start to see how you’ve been hurt, hurting yourself and hurting others, through the ways in which you think. And you’ll be given a “map” to carry with you, so that you’ll always be able to find your way out of the tangle of thought.

Friends Party

Many life-improvement programs can cost thousands of dollars. Discovery is different. The cost is manageable for virtually anyone because Discovery isn’t a moneymaking operation. We are a nonprofit, and we operate out of a desire to help. We charge only what we must to sustain our programs, and we’re also funded through donations from our community—the people who’ve benefited from our process. This same Discovery community is unlike any you’ll encounter elsewhere. We are not bound by religion, politics, race or age. Yet the friendships you build in Discovery can last a lifetime, while providing you with companions along the twisting pathways of life.


The work of Discovery is challenging. The outcome is deeply rewarding. Discovery is a non-religious organization led by alumni of the program. In other words, you’ll be working with people just like you, folks who found a hopeful path forward using a process developed by compassionate psychologists like Dr. Viktor Frankl. While Discovery is not therapy, the approach is designed with therapeutic theory at its core. The question-based process of Discovery is unique—and it will help you claim your path through the forest of life.

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